Workman baskets aluminium-steel design

Product group: Workman-Baskets

The workman baskets from PALFINGER are especially developed for corresponding the demanding market requirements and are ready to fulfil the EN280 workman basket standard.

  • In addition to the low self weight due to the steel-aluminium design, the new workman baskets feature a maximum operating distance with maximum permissible floor space
  • Slewing angle 360°
  • Smooth levelling due to optimised recirculation ball steering
  • Emergency switch in the basket, freely accessible and clearly visible
  • Integrated tool box 704 x 202 x 209 mm for safe storage of the tools
  • All around protected handrail in order to prevent injuries
  • Equipped with retaining rings for hooking the safety harness to ensure optimum personal security
  • Simple mechanical and electrical mounting on the crane due to a quick coupling system
  • Optionally available in the desired colour

Type Description
Load capacity
Self weight
Floor space
Width / Depth / Height
BB040 2 persons workman basket 200 200 0,98 140 x 70 x 116
BB041 1 person workman basket 120 172 0,60 85 x 70 x 116

Note: Conformity with the EN280 is only given with the appropriate workman basket preparatione of the crane. PALFINGER SH-cranes feature the workman basket preparation according to EN 280 as standard.


Type A
BB040 1375 1400 1890 940 480 700 1180
BB041 1375 850 1340 940 480 700 1180

Requirements of carrier unit
In addition The crane needs Paltronic 150 with a radio remote control.
Preparation for workman baskets according to EN280