Swing-up Stabiliser Information

This page is intended to provide information for Palfinger UK crane customers and operators in relation to the requirements and criteria set out by many Tier 1 contractors for lorry loaders with swing-up stabiliser legs.

As well as information about which crane models do and do not meet Tier 1 site entry requirements, you will also find a short demonstration video on how the Palfinger UK swing-up safety system works, a link to our crane database checker and information about our dedicated contact for all leg system bookings and enquiries.

Tier 1 Contractor’s Specific Site Entry Requirements

Crane Model

Meets Tier 1 Site Entry Requirements

Up to PK37.002 Yes Stabilisers are either fixed or swing away from the control station
From PK41002 No Palfinger UK Retrofit Swing-Up Stabiliser System available for fitment, please contact legsafety@thwhite.co.uk

Although not yet a statutory requirement, many Tier 1 sites require that any lorry loader that has 1 or more stabiliser cylinders, that can be rotated across a fixed control lever position, must be fitted with the means to prevent the outrigger beam from being retracted under power unless the stabiliser leg is in a vertical position.

The Palfinger UK Outrigger Safety System is designed specifically to meet this requirement and is already accepted by several T1 Contractors and other companies.

Palfinger UK Stabiliser Safety System

Palfinger UK has produced a short video intended to demonstrate how our specifically designed optional swing-up leg system works, and how it prevents an operator from retracting a stabiliser bean under power while the leg cylinder is not in a vertical up or down position.

Palfinger UK Crane Database Checker

Palfinger UK has created a QR code system to provide operators with the easiest possible means to demonstrate whether their vehicle is compliant on site.

Operators can simply scan the QR code on the side of the vehicle to be redirected to our legsafety page, where once entering the vehicle registration number the operator can check if the vehicle meets the Tier 1 requirements.

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Palfinger UK Stabiliser Safety System

These systems are built using standard components ensuring our network of 50+ field service vans are equipped with the correct tools to increase our speed and first-time fix rate should a breakdown occur.

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