Palfinger is the industry leader in hook loaders and skip loaders, providing the lightest machinery on the market without sacrificing durability or lifting capacity. Our design process puts functionality first so our products deliver efficiency, longevity and maximum performance. We use high quality tensile steel, coupled with world class welds, to ensure our hook loaders and skip loaders are strong and powerful without excessive weight. This gives you increased payload and reduced fuel costs for greater profitability!


Palfinger Hookloaders have a unique hook boom arrangement, perfect for handling a wide variety of container based modules. Flexible and robust, with low dead weight and great lifting and tipping capacity, our hookloaders offer exceptional payload, longevity, build quality and ease of maintenance.


Palfinger Skiploaders are powerful vehicle mounted radial hydraulic lifting units offering an ideal weight to capacity ratio, optimising the efficiency of your vehicle across a wide range of applications.

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We offer the lightest range of hookloaders and skiploaders in the market. Using high tensile steel means avoiding unnecessary material and provides strong and powerful machinery without excessive weight.

All Palfinger hookloader and skiploader designs are tested at the factory, simulating over 10 years of lifting operations before being overloaded until breaking point. You can rely on our loaders to stand the test of time no matter the challenges they face.

All main components are sand-blasted, degreased, primed and final coated before assembly – increasing lifespan, reducing corrosion and adding to the resale value.

Palfinger are the only hookloader and skiploader manufacturer with ISO 3834-2 accreditation. This guarantees high quality, standardised and safe welding on all models, by trained and experienced welders.

The use of high tensile steel reduces the loader weight for increased payload, reduced fuel costs and truck life longevity.

The patented Bi-Speed system provide low speed for safely loading containers and Rapid Motion for quicker unloading, up to 50% faster in fact!

The simple, intuitive PAD control system and variety of mounted and radio control combinations makes using the loaders quick and easy for all operators.

Palfinger hook and skip loaders are easy to maintain, saving you time and money. Our products are based on simple but robust designs that include easy access parts, grease-free sliding elements, self-lubricating bushes and more.

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Palfinger is the only manufacturer to hold ISO3834-2 welding accreditation, achieved through a highly scrutinised process of design validation, welding process monitoring and frequent post production quality checks. This guarantees the quality of our welding and we ensure only the most skilled and highly qualified welders work on our products.

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