How Palfinger UK’s Crane Solutions are Transforming Industries

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When looking at the dynamic scale and scope of the UK’s various industries there is one factor that remains consistent: Innovation. Innovation stands as the cornerstone of progress, enabling businesses to evolve and excel. Those who fail to act when faced with ever-shifting industry challenges risk falling behind, unable to match the pace of transformation demanded by an ever-evolving landscape.

Our group at Palfinger UK, the leading provider of crane business solutions, stands as a shining example of this principle. With a rich heritage of over 40 years, we have consistently pushed the boundaries of crane technology, delivering solutions that transform industries and empower businesses. Step onto any bustling construction site or witness the intricacies of a recycling and waste management operation, and you’ll likely encounter one of our Palfinger UK cranes. With innovation at the core, our Palfinger brand approach isn’t merely about lifting heavy loads; it’s about elevating industry standards, redefining workflows, and providing engineering excellence. Keeping in mind the critical role of innovation, this blog post will highlight just some of the incredible ways our Palfinger Crane business solutions are transforming industries across the UK.

Construction and Building Merchants

Construction – an industry deeply reliant on precision and efficiency – has witnessed a paradigm shift in recent years largely thanks to our construction and builder merchant crane solutions. These cranes have been meticulously engineered to navigate the complexities of construction projects and are equipped with cutting-edge technology and robust lifting capacities. This allows for the seamless handling of hefty loads with unparalleled precision. Their manoeuvrability not only streamlines operations but also reduces downtime, enhancing productivity across the various construction phases.
Such examples of our cranes include the BM26 in addition to the PC and PK crane business solutions.

BM26 Crane

The BM26 Palfinger crane stands as a key solution within construction due to its unparalleled versatility and precision. Its compact design and unique high-power lifting system – increase capacity by 15% – allow the crane to navigate tight spaces while meeting the required lifting challenges. Equipped with advanced control systems, this crane also ensures precise load handling, enhancing safety and minimising material wastage making it invaluable across various construction project phases.

PC and PK Cranes

Our Palfinger PK and PC Palfinger cranes also offer unparalleled efficiency and adaptability features. Businesses can choose between light, medium, and heavy load cranes depending on the operational requirements – with each offering an innovative blend of robust lifting capabilities and remarkable manoeuvrability.

Timber Haulage Sector

In the forestry industry, our Palfinger UK crane business solutions have ushered in a new era of operational productivity. Traditionally, industry tasks involved the handling of heavy timber and logs, demanding robust equipment capable of navigating challenging terrains while ensuring the safety of workers. Our specialised forestry cranes have transformed the industry thanks to their exceptional lifting capacities and reach. This has enabled the swift and safe handling of logs during harvesting, transportation, and processing. Furthermore, the incorporation of intelligent control systems and load-sensing technologies ensures optimal load management, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity in the forestry industry.
A selection of our industry-transforming cranes includes the timber haulage and skidders Palfinger UK cranes.

Timber Haulage Cranes

Our Palfinger timber haulage cranes can be found as part of the C, M, Q, and S series, each providing tailored business solutions for the unique demands of the forestry sector. With the specialised construction and attachments like grapple clamps, the cranes ensure a secure grip on logs of varying sizes and weights. This minimises the risk of accidents during the loading, unloading, and transportation of timber.


Palfinger long wood skidder cranes are built to endure the rigorous demands of timber handling in challenging forestry environments. Their sturdy build ensures industry reliability, enabling them to withstand the toughest conditions, from dense forests to rugged terrains, without compromising on performance.

Machinery transportation

Our Palfinger crane business solutions have been instrumental in empowering the transportation sector through their innovative designs tailored to meet the dynamic needs of logistics and cargo handling. One of our primary contributions lies in the realm of loading and unloading solutions. The integration of highly adaptable telescopic cranes has revolutionised the efficiency of cargo handling in transportation.

Telescopic Cranes

Our telescopic cranes such as the Telescopic T07S have an impressive reach in addition to lifting capabilities. This significantly reduces loading times and increases overall operational efficiency. By facilitating swift and precise loading and unloading of goods onto vehicles, our crane solutions have streamlined logistics processes, optimising resource utilisation and minimising downtime. This enhancement in efficiency translates to cost savings and improved delivery timelines, crucial factors in today’s competitive transportation landscape.

City Cranes

Our CITY crane series is also an indispensable asset within the transportation industry, especially in urban environments. The compact design and exceptional adjustability navigate the intricacies of city landscapes, where space is at a premium. These cranes adeptly operate within confined areas and narrow streets, ensuring seamless loading and unloading operations. The ability to swiftly navigate through congested spaces streamlines logistics activities, reducing bottlenecks, and can optimise delivery schedules.

Proven Industry Expertise

As our Palfinger brand continues to push the boundaries of crane technology, we can expect even more transformative solutions to emerge, shaping the future of industries and empowering businesses to reach new heights of success.
When you choose to invest in a Palfinger crane, you’re selecting a vehicle that has undergone decades of refinement, ensuring peak performance and earning trust from customers across the globe. Opt for the intelligent choice for your business – opt for a Palfinger crane and witness firsthand the impact that excellence and innovation can have on your operations. We don’t just offer a crane; we offer an investment in your business’s future success.
For tailored insights into how you can meet your operational needs through a Palfinger UK crane, contact our team today. We provide localised support aimed at minimising your operational downtime through swift and efficient assistance.

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T H WHITEHow Palfinger UK’s Crane Solutions are Transforming Industries

Key Considerations for Servicing Your Lorry-Mounted Crane: Ensuring Safety and Efficiency

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Lorry-mounted cranes also known as lorry loaders, play a crucial role in various industries, from construction to logistics. These versatile machines simplify the lifting and transportation of heavy loads, enhancing efficiency and productivity. However, like any mechanical equipment, lorry-mounted cranes require regular maintenance to ensure their safe and efficient operation. This helps to extend the life of the machinery as well as increasing resale value by showing that it has been well looked after.

However, not just any service will do, and there are some important things to consider when looking at the servicing of your equipment. Here are 10 key factors you’ll want to bear in mind when having your crane serviced so you can ensure it’s getting the level of maintenance required in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you have any questions about servicing and maintenance then please do get in touch today and one of our experienced team will be happy to assist you.

The Servicing Intervals of Your Crane

Regular servicing is the foundation of crane maintenance. Manufacturers typically provide service intervals and guidelines in the user manual. Adhering to the manufacturer’s recommendations is the best way to prevent unexpected breakdowns and ensure safety. Most commonly, the recommendation is to have your lorry-mounted crane serviced at least once a year, or after a specific number of working hours, and commonly more frequently depending on the crane’s usage and application. Palfinger cranes are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of EN12999, the applicable industry standard which ensures adherence to the Essential Health & Safety Requirements (EHSR’s) of the Machinery Directive.

Certified Technicians

When it comes to servicing lorry-mounted cranes, using a fully certified technician is crucial. These professionals possess the necessary expertise and training to identify and address potential issues. They are familiar with the intricacies of crane components and are best equipped to provide effective solutions while maintaining safety standards. At Palfinger UK, all our technicians are fully trained to rigorous standards. We’re proud to be the industry leader in lorry-mounted cranes and we firmly believe that our investment in the constant development of our team plays a huge part in this. All our engineers are fully trained to factory standards and are on the ALLMI-Approved Thorough Examiner Register. By choosing us to carry out your routine servicing, you’re guaranteeing your machinery will conform to the latest standards, having been checked by the best engineers in the industry.

Safety Inspections

Safety is paramount in crane maintenance. Before any servicing, ensure that a comprehensive visual inspection is carried out. This inspection should check for signs of wear, damage, or misalignment. A well-maintained safety system is vital to prevent accidents and injuries, so further function tests should then be carried out prior to any maintenance work.


Proper lubrication is essential to prevent friction and wear on moving parts. Neglecting this aspect of maintenance can lead to costly repairs or even the replacement of key components. Lubrication schedules should be strictly followed, and the right type of grease or oil should be used as recommended by the manufacturer. As part of a Palfinger routine service, we grease the loader at all points, making sure your crane is operating at maximum efficiency.

Structural Integrity

Lorry-mounted cranes are subjected to significant stresses during their operation. It’s crucial to regularly inspect the crane’s structural components, such as the boom, outriggers, and chassis. Any signs of fatigue, deformation, or cracks should be addressed immediately. Damaged structural components can lead to catastrophic failures.

Hydraulic System Maintenance

The hydraulic system is the heart of a lorry-mounted crane, enabling smooth and precise lifting and lowering of loads. A well-maintained hydraulic system ensures the crane’s overall performance and safety. Technicians should inspect hoses, seals, and hydraulic fluid levels regularly. Leaks or low fluid levels can lead to inefficient operation and costly damage. At Palfinger UK, our servicing includes cleaning or replacing oil filters as required, topping up hydraulic oil and making adjustments to the hydraulic system as needed to ensure safe and effective operation.

Electrical Systems

Modern lorry-mounted cranes often have complex electrical systems that control various functions, including load monitoring, safety interlocks, and lighting. Regular checks and maintenance of the electrical components are essential to prevent malfunctions and ensure the safety of the crane operator and those in the vicinity.

Load Testing

Periodic load testing is a critical aspect of crane servicing. It ensures that the crane can safely handle the loads it’s designed for. Load testing should be carried out to verify the crane’s performance and safety in accordance with the requirements outlined in BS7121 Part 2-4 Any deviations from the manufacturer’s specifications should be addressed promptly.

Documentation and Records

Maintaining accurate records of servicing and inspections is essential for tracking the crane’s maintenance history. This documentation can be valuable for warranty claims and resale value. It also provides a comprehensive overview of the crane’s maintenance and can help identify patterns or recurring issues.

Budget Planning

Servicing a lorry-mounted crane, like any heavy equipment, can be expensive. It’s important to budget for routine maintenance as well as unexpected repairs. Alternatively, why not consider one of our maintenance contracts? We offer several packages and cover all maintenance required for your machinery for a single monthly payment. You can call our dedicated Service Control Centre on 01380 733513 to find out more.

The servicing of lorry-mounted cranes is a critical aspect of their operation. Regular maintenance not only ensures the safety of operators and bystanders but also extends the crane’s lifespan and maintains its efficiency. By adhering to recommended service intervals, hiring certified technicians, and prioritising safety, you can reap the full benefits of your crane while minimising downtime and costly repairs. Make it a priority to invest in the regular servicing and maintenance of your lorry-mounted crane to guarantee its continued safe and efficient operation.

Servicing Your Lorry-Mounted Crane With Palfinger UK

At Palfinger UK, we provide a full and comprehensive aftersales package to keep your machinery in perfect working order. We offer several servicing options, from full maintenance contracts to one-off, on-demand services to suit you. Whatever your requirements, who better to service your Palfinger lorry-mounted crane than Palfinger UK? Our technicians are fully certified and among the best in the industry. What’s more, we’ll even come out to you to minimise the disruption to your schedule. To speak to one of the team about our servicing options, use our Contact page to find your nearest Palfinger UK representative.

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T H WHITEKey Considerations for Servicing Your Lorry-Mounted Crane: Ensuring Safety and Efficiency

Ensuring Safe Machinery Transport: Palfinger’s Innovative Approaches

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In the dynamic world of heavy machinery transport, safety is paramount. The successful transportation of large and heavy equipment requires precision, expertise, and state-of-the-art solutions to ensure that both the machinery and the people involved are protected. Palfinger, a global leader in lifting solutions, has consistently demonstrated a commitment to safe machinery transport through innovative approaches and cutting-edge technologies. As the official UK supplier of Palfinger machinery, we too are committed to constant improvement and remaining at the forefront of industry safety and innovation. Here, we summarise the key factors that we believe make us the industry frontrunner when it comes to safe and effective machinery transportation. For more information, or to talk to one of our dedicated sales team, get in touch today.

Understanding the Challenge

Transporting heavy machinery poses numerous challenges, including the risk of accidents, damage to the equipment, and potential harm to personnel. Palfinger recognises these challenges and strives to address them with a comprehensive approach that encompasses both the design of their lifting solutions and the training of their operators. This approach can be split into 4 key elements that, when combined together, firmly secures us as the worldwide leader in innovative lifting solutions. These elements are below.

Robust Equipment Design

Our dedication to safety begins with the design of our lifting and handling equipment. By incorporating robust engineering principles, Palfinger ensures that our products are not only efficient but also safe for use in various transport scenarios. The use of high-quality materials and rigorous testing procedures guarantees the reliability of Palfinger’s machinery, reducing the likelihood of malfunctions during transportation.

Advanced Control Systems

Palfinger takes pride in its advanced control systems, which play a crucial role in enhancing the safety of machinery transport. These systems enable precise and smooth operation, minimising the risk of sudden movements that could lead to accidents or damage. The integration of intelligent control technologies ensures that operators have full command over the equipment, promoting a safer working environment.

Comprehensive Operator Training

Palfinger recognises that the expertise of operators is a key factor in ensuring safe machinery transport, and as such we invest significantly in comprehensive training programs. These programs cover not only the technical aspects of operating the equipment but also emphasize safety protocols and best practices. Well-trained operators are better equipped to handle challenges and make informed decisions during the transportation process, reducing the likelihood of accidents.

Innovative Safety Features

We go beyond industry standards by incorporating innovative safety features into our machinery. These features are designed to provide an additional layer of protection during transport. From emergency stop mechanisms to advanced collision avoidance systems, Palfinger’s commitment to innovation enhances the overall safety of their equipment.
In the realm of heavy machinery transport, safety is not just a priority but a responsibility. Palfinger’s approach to safe machinery transport is a testament to their dedication to excellence. Through robust equipment design, advanced control systems, comprehensive operator training, and innovative safety features, Palfinger sets the standard for safety in the industry.
As industries continue to rely on heavy machinery for various applications, Palfinger’s commitment to safe transport practices ensures that the journey from one location to another is not only efficient but also secure. By prioritising safety at every stage, Palfinger continues to shape the future of machinery transport, setting a benchmark for the entire industry to follow.

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T H WHITEEnsuring Safe Machinery Transport: Palfinger’s Innovative Approaches

5 Reasons To Choose Palfinger For Your Next Skiploader

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When choosing the right skiploader for your business operations it’s essential to invest in a reliable and efficient vehicle that can handle the heaviest of tasks. Whether working in recycling and waste management, local roadworks, or a construction industry setting, the best skiploaders are indispensable. They provide an added layer of operational safety, versatility, and cost saving, potentially giving your workforce a competitive advantage.

When it comes to innovation and performance, Palfinger stands out as a leading manufacturer of skiploaders. The Palfinger Brand represents an unmatched commitment to build quality, with a renowned dedication to engineering excellence that ensures their skiploaders exceed industry standards. With the importance of an effective skiploader in mind, this blog post will explore five compelling reasons why your next skiploader should be a Palfinger.

Durability and longevity

Palfinger’s commitment to the quality of skiploaders is evident in the quality that goes into every build. The durable materials and rigorous manufacturing processes ensure that skiploaders are ready for any task no matter the skip weight. This also makes Palfinger the sole skiploader manufacturer to hold an ISO 3834-2 accreditation, an accreditation that ensures every model undergoes standardised and secure welding processes executed by a team of proficient and seasoned welders. Such a license thereby guarantees the utmost safety and quality behind every skiploader crane.

Unlike other skiploaders, Palfinger models like the PS T SLD range are built for the long term as well as the present. They are subjected to exhaustive testing that simulates more than a decade of lifting operations, ensuring the builds are constructed to last. What’s more, thanks to their simple and robust design – manufactured with easily accessible parts, grease-free sliding elements, and self-lubricating bushes – maintaining Palfinger skiploaders is a straightforward and cost-effective process, leading to a lower risk of breakdowns and smoother operations – ultimately an improved bottom line.

Innovative Technology

Palfinger also prides itself on its cutting-edge technology and commitment to continuous improvement. When you choose Palfinger, you’re investing in the best skiploaders that incorporate the latest technological advancements to make your operations more efficient and productive.

Moreover, Palfinger’s skiploaders are designed with the environment in mind. They aim to reduce emissions and increase fuel efficiency, making their vehicles not only beneficial for your business but also for the planet. By choosing a Palfinger skiploader, you can contribute to a more sustainable future.

Customisation Options

Every business has unique requirements and Palfinger understands that a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t optimal for every industry. That’s why Palfinger skiploaders come in various sizes and configurations, allowing you to select the perfect fit for your business. Adding to this is the unique patented Palfinger Bi-Speed system. This allows for controlled low speed – for safe container loading – to seamlessly transition to a rapid motion mode for up to 50% faster unloading time. Whether you need a compact skiploader for urban applications or a heavy-duty model for more demanding tasks, Palfinger has a solution for you.

Exceptional After-Sales Support

Palfinger UK’s commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond the purchase. They offer exceptional after-sales support that is highly localised. Thanks to strategically located service centres, customers benefit from rapid response times, easy to access maintenance and repair services, ensuring that your investment remains in top condition throughout its lifecycle. Their 50+ dedicated mobile technicians similarly understand the importance of minimising downtime and are readily available to address all your repair needs and provide on-demand servicing when required.

Palfinger UK also provides fully certified and comprehensive training for operators, ensuring that your team can utilise the skiploader to its full potential. Proper training not only enhances safety on the job site but also maximises the efficiency and productivity of your operations.

Proven Expertise and Heritage

Palfinger has a rich heritage of over 40 years in designing and manufacturing lifting and solutions. Their extensive experience has allowed them to fine-tune their products, ensuring they are tailored to operational-specific challenges. This expertise is invaluable; it means that when you invest in a Palfinger skiploader you’re investing in a vehicle that has been perfected over decades to deliver optimal performance and garner trust from customers worldwide. When you invest in a Palfinger skiploader, you’re benefitting from decades of innovation and refinement in the field of hydraulic solutions.

Choosing the best skiploader is a critical decision for the efficiency of your operations. With their extensive expertise, innovative technology, customisation options, durability, and exceptional after-sales support there is a compelling case as to why your next skiploader should be a Palfinger. Make the smart choice for your business – choose a Palfinger skiploader and experience the difference that quality and innovation can make in your operations. With Palfinger, you’re not just buying a skiploader; you’re investing in the future success of your business.

To discuss both your specific operational requirements and how our range of Palfinger UK Skiploaders can benefit your business, contact our team today. We can offer localised support to ensure your operational downtime is kept to a minimum.

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