HD 1000 Truck Mounted Pile Driver

Built for heavy-duty pile-driving, this truck mounted HD 1000 is stronger and heavier than our SMART models, allowing you to work for longer. Delivering 680 blows per minute with a 1,060 Joule hammer, the HD 1000 is highly manoeuvrable.

hd 1000 truck mounted

Hammer rating 1060 J
Blows per minute 570/1180
Oil flow PTO 95-98 lt
Maximum pressure 18MPa
Maximum diameter of post Std. 200mm
Maximum height of post Std. 2800mm, Opt. 4500mm
Hammer Noise level 112 dbA
Oil tank capacity Suggested 145 lt
Electric starter -
Diesel tank capacity -
Total weight 1525kg
Inclination kit yes
Extractor connection yes
Auxiliary plant for accessories yes