HD 1000 Crawler Pile Driver

Built for heavy-duty pile-driving, the HD 1000 is stronger and heavier than our SMART models, allowing you to work for longer. Delivering 680 blows per minute with a 1,060 Joule hammer, the HD 1000 is mounted on a crawler to make it highly manoeuvrable, and can fit into a truck body for easy transportation.

Hammer rating 1060 J
Blows per minute 670/1180
Oil flow 110 lt
Maximum pressure 18MPa
Maximum diameter of post Std. 200mm
Maximum height of post Std. 2880mm, Opt. 4500mm
Engine HATZ 3L41-C 32,5 kW (43,6 HP)
Hammer Noise level 112 dbA
Oil tank capacity 160 lt
Electric starter yes
Diesel tank capacity 60 lt
Total weight 4050kg
Inclination kit yes
Extractor connection yes
Auxiliary plant for accessories yes