5 Reasons To Choose Palfinger For Your Next Skiploader

19th January 2024

When choosing the right skiploader for your business operations it’s essential to invest in a reliable and efficient vehicle that can handle the heaviest of tasks. Whether working in recycling and waste management, local roadworks, or a construction industry setting, the best skiploaders are indispensable. They provide an added layer of operational safety, versatility, and cost saving, potentially giving your workforce a competitive advantage.

When it comes to innovation and performance, Palfinger stands out as a leading manufacturer of skiploaders. The Palfinger Brand represents an unmatched commitment to build quality, with a renowned dedication to engineering excellence that ensures their skiploaders exceed industry standards. With the importance of an effective skiploader in mind, this blog post will explore five compelling reasons why your next skiploader should be a Palfinger.


Durability and longevity

Palfinger’s commitment to the quality of skiploaders is evident in the quality that goes into every build. The durable materials and rigorous manufacturing processes ensure that skiploaders are ready for any task no matter the skip weight. This also makes Palfinger the sole skiploader manufacturer to hold an ISO 3834-2 accreditation, an accreditation that ensures every model undergoes standardised and secure welding processes executed by a team of proficient and seasoned welders. Such a license thereby guarantees the utmost safety and quality behind every skiploader crane.

Unlike other skiploaders, Palfinger models like the PS T SLD range are built for the long term as well as the present. They are subjected to exhaustive testing that simulates more than a decade of lifting operations, ensuring the builds are constructed to last. What’s more, thanks to their simple and robust design – manufactured with easily accessible parts, grease-free sliding elements, and self-lubricating bushes – maintaining Palfinger skiploaders is a straightforward and cost-effective process, leading to a lower risk of breakdowns and smoother operations – ultimately an improved bottom line.


Innovative Technology

Palfinger also prides itself on its cutting-edge technology and commitment to continuous improvement. When you choose Palfinger, you’re investing in the best skiploaders that incorporate the latest technological advancements to make your operations more efficient and productive.

Moreover, Palfinger’s skiploaders are designed with the environment in mind. They aim to reduce emissions and increase fuel efficiency, making their vehicles not only beneficial for your business but also for the planet. By choosing a Palfinger skiploader, you can contribute to a more sustainable future.


Customisation Options

Every business has unique requirements and Palfinger understands that a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t optimal for every industry. That’s why Palfinger skiploaders come in various sizes and configurations, allowing you to select the perfect fit for your business. Adding to this is the unique patented Palfinger Bi-Speed system. This allows for controlled low speed – for safe container loading – to seamlessly transition to a rapid motion mode for up to 50% faster unloading time. Whether you need a compact skiploader for urban applications or a heavy-duty model for more demanding tasks, Palfinger has a solution for you.


Exceptional After-Sales Support

Palfinger UK’s commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond the purchase. They offer exceptional after-sales support that is highly localised. Thanks to strategically located service centres, customers benefit from rapid response times, easy to access maintenance and repair services, ensuring that your investment remains in top condition throughout its lifecycle. Their 50+ dedicated mobile technicians similarly understand the importance of minimising downtime and are readily available to address all your repair needs and provide on-demand servicing when required.

Palfinger UK also provides fully certified and comprehensive training for operators, ensuring that your team can utilise the skiploader to its full potential. Proper training not only enhances safety on the job site but also maximises the efficiency and productivity of your operations.


Proven Expertise and Heritage

Palfinger has a rich heritage of over 40 years in designing and manufacturing lifting and solutions. Their extensive experience has allowed them to fine-tune their products, ensuring they are tailored to operational-specific challenges. This expertise is invaluable; it means that when you invest in a Palfinger skiploader you’re investing in a vehicle that has been perfected over decades to deliver optimal performance and garner trust from customers worldwide. When you invest in a Palfinger skiploader, you’re benefitting from decades of innovation and refinement in the field of hydraulic solutions.

Choosing the best skiploader is a critical decision for the efficiency of your operations. With their extensive expertise, innovative technology, customisation options, durability, and exceptional after-sales support there is a compelling case as to why your next skiploader should be a Palfinger. Make the smart choice for your business – choose a Palfinger skiploader and experience the difference that quality and innovation can make in your operations. With Palfinger, you’re not just buying a skiploader; you’re investing in the future success of your business.

To discuss both your specific operational requirements and how our range of Palfinger UK Skiploaders can benefit your business, contact our team today. We can offer localised support to ensure your operational downtime is kept to a minimum.