Barrier Rigs & Bespoke Bodies

1st August 2017

Barrier Rigs, the multi-purpose vehicles widely used by highways contractors, are a great example of how the T H WHITE Lorry Cranes division can cater for individual customer body building requirements, no matter how complex.

Perhaps because T H WHITE is the UK importer of Palfinger cranes, the company has earned a justified reputation for installing these premium high-tech cranes on a wide range of chassis. More recently, Orteco pile drivers have been added to the lineup and our customers are generally well aware of the service we offer in fitting these to all kinds of vehicles. Less well-known is the fact that T H WHITE operates state-of-the-art body building workshops where our skilled technicians will build any kind of body to suit your application.

Taking the Barrier Rig example, here is one truck that does it all. Fitted with a Palfinger crane it gives users the ability to lift and manoeuvre loads and remove roadside equipment and debris. The Orteco pile driver can both drive in and pull out posts, while the steel dropside truck body at the rear provides a safe area for operatives placing and collecting cones for instance, as well as a loading bed for equipment. Other options, such as winches, work lighting, hole hammers and borers can be added as required, while finished vehicles can be branded and labelled to your specification.

The bodywork options offered by T H WHITE are almost limitless. Literally working from the ground up, our technicians start with the bare chassis and build the bodywork exactly to your specification. We can incorporate steel, alloy, GRP or cage-style drop side sections, safety rails, walkways, central stairs, water tanks, storage compartments, electrical systems and a whole range of specialist designs to meet individual requirements.

What’s more, our body building service is not restricted to vehicles fitted with cranes – we will happily design and build flatbed or dropside bodies of any style for lorry or small truck chassis.

The benefit of the T H WHITE approach for the customer is a true one-stop-shop service where we will fit a crane and build the bespoke body, fully kitted out with all necessary accessories, and then type-approve it.

If you would like to talk through the options and learn more about how we can build exactly the right vehicle for your business, call our specialist body building team on 01380 722381.